Thinking Beyond Regulations

Interview MGM Regulatory & Governance with 'Voor de Ommekeer'

Paul van Liempt

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Taking Responsibility and respecting the Trias Politica


In this interview Monique  elaborates on why Embracing Responsibility for more than just oneself,  is essential in a world that is becoming increasingly more uncertain. She also addresses the importance of safeguarding  the very fundament of our democratic society; the Trias Politica.

Against this background, on the one hand she reflects on external supervision by the AFM, the recent court case of EY/PwC vs AFM, the importance of ESG, Diversity and making the ‘right decision’.

On the other hand, she is vocal about her conviction that Boards, nowadays, apart from rules and regulations, also need to take into account that Perception is Reality, that a new Social Construct between society and companies is developing and that stakeholders demand a more forward looking view in communication and reporting. Serving ‘ Self Interest’ and ‘Doing Good for the Greater Good’ becoming more and more intertwined.

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