Thinking Beyond Regulations

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“ Because who are we not to care…”

Our Purpose
Securing Trust and Creating Long Term Shared Value.


MGM Regulatory & Governance is committed to secure trust in society and to secure trust by society in the financial markets. To help create Long Term Shared Value by companies and institutions for their stakeholders, for society at large. 


MGM Regulatory & Governance: Values

Acknowledge Responsibility 

Demonstrate Commitment 

Show Transparency

Embrace Diversity 

Be Future Orientated


MGM Regulatory & Governance's purpose, is its touchstone for caring for our collective future. Its purpose is driven by values that define MGM Regulatory & Governance’s relationship with clients and other stakeholders. Values that define the services for clients. Values that guide in making the right decisions and taking the right actions today.


Thinking Beyond Regulations


Laws & Regulations in the field of external and internal supervision aiming to build and safeguard trust in society and in the financial markets is here to stay, intensifying. At the same time, ‘Perception is Reality today’ and a new Social Construct between society and companies is developing: society is becoming more relevant for businesses and businesses play an increasingly bigger role in society. Serving ‘Self Interest’ and ‘Doing Good for the Greater Good’ are becoming more and more intertwined.


Stakeholders, society at large demand from companies a clear purpose, as well as a view on their potential in realising their business objectives. They demand a more forward and transparent orientation, a Future Orientation, in reporting, and in communication.


MGM Regulatory & Governance is driven by the belief that it is about ‘Thinking beyond Regulations’ when taking the right actions, when making the right business decisions today. Apart from rules and regulations, also taking into account perception, businesses’ responsibility for society and stakeholders’ demand for a forward looking view.

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“The best way to predict the future is, by creating it” 

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It’s MGM Regulatory & Governance’s goal to help safeguard the continuous belief of stakeholders that companies and institutions will keep their strategic promises. To help develop, execute and defend a strategy that engenders trust and transparency and preserves reputational capital. To connect companies' and institutions' Future Orientation to stakeholders’ expectations.



“To help create the world we want is a much more subtle and effective way of operating, than destroying the one we don’t want anymore”