Thinking Beyond Regulations

MGM Regulatory & Governance

Law Firm


…operating locally and internationally.

Areas of Law

Regulatory Law

  • Laws and regulations applicable to auditors, audit firms, their (global) networks and other professional services firms including tax and consulting firms and the services they provide;

  • Laws and regulations applicable to financial institutions and the services they provide.


Corporate Governance

For professional services firms, financial institutions and other public interest entities.


Data Protection & Privacy



  • Audit Firms;

  • Tax & Consulting Firms;

  • Financial Institutions;

  • Supervisory Boards.



- ESG/ Sustainable Development Goals

- Diversity

- Long Term Value Creation

- Purpose led and Values Driven 



A new Social Construct is developing between society and companies. Society is becoming more relevant for businesses and businesses play an increasingly bigger role in society.  The role of a company in society, however, is an abstract, politically polarizing question that is often not yet high on the priority list of most boards. 


Embedded in this question are strategic and operational issues critical to long term value creation. Nowadays, these issues are attracting heightened attention from investors, client and other stakeholders. Many of these concerns fall under the broad category of environmental, social and governance (ESG) and we see them reflected in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. 


Given the significant opportunities and risks associated with ESG and realising on SDGs, companies and institutions need to change. Those that excel at identifying and incorporating these issues into their strategy, demonstrating a true Future Orientation, enjoy a competitive market advantage and remain relevant to their stakeholders and society at large. It becomes increasingly clear that ESG, the SDGs and Return on Investment are connected. In other words; that “Doing Good for the Greater Good” and serving Self Interest are intertwined. 


To fulfil MGM Regulatory & Governance’s Purpose, these themes are embraced and made into an integral part of MGM Regulatory & Governance’s “Thinking Beyond Regulations”. 

“The Planet is the Household we manage”